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Buying Process

Net Realty will net you $5,000 more!

Sales price :$500,000

$500,000 $10,000,000

NETREALTY Buying Process

Net RealtyNet Realty

1. Speak with NETREALTY

Tell us about your upcoming selling needs and schedule a pricing consultation appointment at your home.

Net RealtyNet Realty

2. Book buyer(s) consultation

We’re eager to meet you and tour your home. By the end of our time together you’ll have a reccommended list price, as well as staging and preparation tips.

Net RealtyNet Realty


Your $500 retainer payment can be made before, during, or after our first appointment. The final $2000 can be paid at closing, making the total cost a flat rate of $2500.

Net RealtyNet Realty

4. Tour homes/attend open houses

After getting to know your Lead Listing Agent, our listing team will schedule your photography appointment.

Net RealtyNet Realty

5. Choose a home

Our listing team will digitally draft your listing contracts, including property disclosures and specific closing instructions.

Net RealtyNet Realty

6. Submit offer through our secure website

Our talented Photographer will come to your house to capture the beauty of your home and deliver your For Sale sign and lockbox.

Net RealtyNet Realty

7. Review terms with your agent

You’ll give us your final stamp of approval before your home listing goes live in the MLS and is marketed online.

Net RealtyNet Realty

8. Sign contract

During this stage you will receive regular updates and feedback from Buyer’s Agents every time your home is shown.

Net RealtyNet Realty

9. Open escrow

When you receive an offer(s), your Lead Listing Agent will review the details with you and discuss how you want to proceed; accept, reject or send a counteroffer.

Net RealtyNet Realty

10. Contingency period

Your NETREALTY team will coordinate and schedule your inspections, appraisals, title work, and closing date.

Net RealtyNet Realty

11. Close Escrow

NETREALTY will provide you with a list of utility transfer information and keep you up to date with important deadlines during this busy time.

Net RealtyNet Realty

12. Get keys

It’s time to sign your paperwork, finish the last bit of packing, load up the truck, and head off to the next chapter of your life!

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